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Moochdocking for RVers service: Sharetribe Ltd
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Name of the register

User register of the Moochdocking for RVers service

Use of personal details (purpose of register)

Personal details are collected to make communication and use of service possible. Details can be used for communication between service providers and users and also for direct communication between users. Some personal details are visible on the profile page of the user, but those details are voluntary (except name).

The handling of personal details is not outsourced, but the register data is stored on a server that is rented from a third party company.

Information content of the register

The following information may be stored in the register:

  • Personal details: Name, email address, phone number, street address
  • Account details: username, password (stored in encrypted format)
  • The description text that the user may write about him/herself
  • The offers and requests the user has posted to the service
  • The given and received feedback and badges
  • Statistical data about service usage, e.g. number times the user has logged in

Regular sources of information

Personal details are given by the user on registration to the service or when using it later.

Regular handovers of the information

The information may be handed over for research purposes as described in the Terms of use that the user accepts before starting to use the service. The researchers may not publish any research results so that identifying information would be revealed or that any specific user could be detected.

Information considering users of a single Moochdocking for RVers community may be handed over to the client who has founded that community or to the community administrators appointed by that client.

Transfers of the information outside the EU and the European Economic Area

Information may be stored to a server that may be located inside or outside of the EU and the European Economic Area

Register protection principles

The information is stored on computers. The access to the information is restricted with passwords and physical access to the computers is restricted by the server hosting company.

Moochdocker LLC Additional Privacy Policy:

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about the types of data gathered, how the information collected is used, and how you can update your communications preferences. By visiting, you are accepting the practices of this privacy policy. Please read this policy carefully to understand how we handle your Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Collection of Information
Moochdocker LLC collects information automatically when you visit our website via Google Analytics, and any information you willingly provide when you contact us via contact form or sign up for our newsletter. We do not use cookies for tracking purposes. Information we collect via Google Analytics may include:
  • IP address;
  • location (city and country);
  • computer and device information (OS, mobile device type, browser and version used, service provider, and other technical identifiers);
  • demographics (gender, age);
  • interests;
  • referring URLs, keywords used to reach our site, pages of our site that you visited, and the order in which you browsed our site; 
  • and behavior (date and time you visited our site, frequency of your visits, duration of time you spent on our site).

Information you voluntarily submit online may include your personal name, email address, phone number, company you work for, and any information you include in your comments. Other information you provide offline may include address, business practices, technical information, financial information, or other details that are necessary to provide you with products or services you requested.

Use of Information
Moochdocker LLC may use information collected in the following ways to:
  • provide you the product or service you requested;
  • improve our website to better meet your needs;
  • improve user experience on the website;
  • respond to your inquiries or comments; and
  • provide you with requested newsletters or other marketing materials.

Disclosure of Information
We understand we have a responsibility to handle sensitive personal data carefully and consider it confidential, unless we have your permission to share or publish information. We do not sell or trade the information we collect to third parties. However, we may disclose certain pertinent information to third parties to assist us in delivering the product or service you requested. This may include outside consultants, vendors, or independent contractors with whom we acquire assistance. We will also provide information to authorities if required by law.
Moochdocker LLC may use various social media platforms for branding and publicity. Please use care when posting comments or personal information on our company pages. This information is open to the public. Refer to the privacy policies of these social media platforms for further information.
  • Facebook Privacy Policy
  • LinkedIn Privacy Policy
  • Google+ Privacy Policy
All employees of Moochdocker LLC are under individual written confidentiality agreements to use information for its intended purpose and as directed by management.

Data Security
Moochdocker LLC may use a variety of administrative practices and industry standard technical safeguards to ensure the security of your information. Although we may use the necessary technology to protect your information, internet transmissions are never completely secure. Security measures we may administer include, but are not limited to:
  • firewalls;
  • proxy servers;
  • SSL & encryption;
  • username & password management;
  • network access controls;
  • confidentiality agreements;
  • office security system and video cameras;
  • self-hosted servers;
  • two-step email security; and
  • anti-virus software.
In the event of a data breach, if we suspect any of your personal information may have been accessed, you will be notified within seven (7) business days of us discovering the breach. You will be contacted via email, and a notice will be posted to our website.

Your Privacy Choices
If you prefer not to receive newsletters or marketing materials from Moochdocker LLC, you can email us at, and we will remove you from our mailing list. You have the right to access, change, or request removal of your personally identifiable information. Just call us or email regarding information.

You can update your Google privacy settings and control your ads preferences. Visit Google’s Privacy page and the NAI Consumer Opt Out page to learn more.

Third Party Links
Moochdocker LLC may provide third party links on its website. These may include links to our partners, customers, news articles, and any other information we believe you will enjoy. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of each of those websites before providing any information to them.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy
Moochdocker LLC reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. You can view changes to this policy on this page.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
Moochdocker LLC complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We do not market to children under the age of thirteen (13) years old or willingly collect personal information from children. Please contact us if you believe we have unintentionally acquired information about your child. We are happy to investigate and delete information if we find it.

California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)
Moochdocker LLC complies with CalOPPA, and we agree to the following:
  • You can visit our website anonymously.
  • A link to this Privacy Policy is available in the footer section of our website and added upon its creation.
  • The link to this Privacy Policy is easily identifiable and contains the word “Privacy.”
  • Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be posted on our Privacy Policy page.
  • You have the right to change your personal information and can do so by calling us or emailing us.
  • We adhere to the practices included in this Privacy Policy.
  • EU Data Privacy Directive and General Data Protection Regulation
    • According to the rules and regulations outlined in the European Data Privacy Directive and changes in the General Data Protection Regulation, Moochdocker LLC agrees to the following:
      • It is as easy to withdraw your consent as it is to give consent for us to have and retain your information. Just email us or call us to change or remove your information from our database.
      • You have the right to access the information we have about you. Call us or email us for access to this information. If you wish for us to change or remove the information from our database, we are happy to do so.
      • In the event of a data breach, you will be notified within seven (7) business days of us becoming aware of the breach both via email and a notification posted to our website.

Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please email us at You can also reach us by mail at the following address:
821 N 27th St. C238
Billings, MT  59101
Last updated: January 17, 2021