Wicked Kreations

I am middle aged woman who lives at the winery and I thoroughly enjoy my job, I really can't think of any other occupation I would rather have. I like to cook and bake and in the summer time most meals are made outside either on the grill, disco, or on the bonfire. I always grow a large garden in the summer and last year we had so many tomatoes that everyone that stayed at our location got a tomato bag parting gift.
We have a dog, three cats (much needed for 6500 sq. ft. building), chickens, a red headed rooster named Reggie and a white duck named Donald and two female ducks in the barnyard who we have named Daisy now for the other female is still nameless but she stays with the chickens so she thinks she's a chicken. We also have three pygmy goats named after the three stooges Larry, Curly and Moe, if you are having a rough day go outside and sit and watch these three little goats playing and head butting each other and all your troubles seem to fade away. :)

We do not use any grapes and we currently have seven different varieties. Chokecherry wine is our flagship wine of which we are the largest maker in the entire southwest. We always have batches of different wines at some level of fermentation from freshly started to aged finished wines.

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