Steve & Kim

This is a stealth camping site in a quiet neighborhood.

• Site is available from 7pm to 7am ONLY. Must be vacated during the day.
• The driveway is 17 feet long, 12 feet wide. No rigs longer than 17 feet, please.
• This is meant to be a safe stealth overnight parking spot for people passing through in their car, SUV, van, Class B and B+, short Class C, truck camper or minivan. No bumper-pull or 5th wheel trailers. No Class A or C RVs longer than 17 feet.
• Please don't do anything that will draw the attention of the neighbors and risk messing it up for others. Don't put your slides out or do anything that looks like you're setting up camp.
• Dogs are allowed, but cannot be left unattended in your van or car. Please keep them from barking and pick up their poop!
• Kids are certainly welcome but must be able to maintain the "stealth" aspect of the site.
• The site comes with a single 120 12g extension cord. Instructions on where we've hidden it will be conveyed at booking.

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