Information about Moochdocking for RVers


Moochdocker provides RVers with unique experiences and needed alternatives to boondocking and commercial campgrounds.

We offer easily-booked, customizable experiences to our traveling road warriors. Moochdocker frees RVers from wait lists, first-come-first serve, and overbooking in commercial campgrounds. Our vision is to be the roadmap that travelers reference while planning their next adventure, and a resource for the last-minute travelers stranded in boondocking.

By introducing a peer-to-peer environment to the RV industry, we hope to increase the availability and volume of RV travel. Not only is this beneficial to RVers, but also to property owners who can make additional income by allowing travelers to park on their property. Listing a property on our platform and hosting Moochdockers can establish an additional revenue stream worth thousands each year.