Overnight Stealth Driveway Surfing

This is a stealth parking site in a quiet neighborhood. Perfect for stealth car and van parking overnight!

• Site is available from 7pm to 7am ONLY. Must be vacated during the day.
• The driveway is 17 feet long, 12 feet wide. No rigs longer than 17 feet, please.
• This is meant to be a safe stealth overnight parking spot for people passing through in their car, SUV, van, Class B and B+, short Class C, truck camper or minivan. No bumper-pull or 5th wheel trailers. No Class A or C RVs longer than 17 feet.
• Please don't do anything that will draw the attention of the neighbors. Don't put your slides out or do anything that looks like you're setting up camp. Your vehicle should just look like it's sitting there.
• Dogs are allowed, but cannot be left unattended in your van or car. Please keep them from barking and pick up their poop!
• Kids are certainly welcome but must be able to maintain the "stealth" aspect of the site.
• The site comes with a single standard 12g extension cord. Instructions on where we've hidden it will be conveyed at booking. Put it back when not in use.
• No sewer dump or water. Dispose of toilet waste and gray water away from the property.

Unique experiences and products to be included with reservation: Stealth parking for overnight, preferably just passing through.
Horseback Riding
Arts and Crafts
Live music
Performance Arts
Farm-to-Fork Products
Golf, Volleyball, and Sport
Spiritual, Mental Health and Wellbeing
Other (see Description)
Rig Sizes Available:
Class A (29-45 ft.)
Class A with tow (65+ ft.)
Class C (30-33 ft).
Class B (18-24 ft.)
Pickup Camper
Travel Trailer (20-40 ft.)
Toy Hauler (20-40 ft.)
Fifth Wheel Trailer (32-36 ft.)
Popup Trailer (16-32 ft.)
Slideouts allowed
Amenities Included:
50 amp
30 amp
15 amp
Wifi (obtain password from host)
Water: Potable (drinking water)
Water: Sewage dump
Hot tub/Sauna
Generators allowed
Digital Detox (no cell service/reception)
Other (see Description)
Available Features:
Barbecue Area
Picnic Area
Slideouts Capable (up to 9 ft)
Awning and Patio Mat Area
3G Coverage
4G Coverage
5G Coverage
Digital Detox (no service or Wifi)
Additional Car Parking
Tenting Allowed
Campfires Allowed (upon request, season, or local restrictions)
1 Bundle of Firewood (approximately 1.5 cubic feet) provided per night booked
Pets Allowed (see Host's Pet Policy in Description)
1 - 3 Guests Allowed, Max
3 -6 Guests Allowed, Max
6 + Guests Allowed, upon request
Private and Secluded
Huge Wild Parties Allowed (upon request)
Other (see Description)
Pull-Through Parking
Back-In Parking
Other (see Description)
Height Restrictions (if applicable): None
Width Restrictions (if applicable): 12 feet
Location Type:
Adjacent to Public Lands
Event venue
Other (see Description)
Dry-Camp RV Pad Type:
Sloped Terrain
Way the heck out in the boonies
Parking Lot
Gravel Lot
Pasture, Cropland, or Farm Field
Other (see Description)
Proper RV Pad Type: Concrete/Blacktop
Maximum Number of Guests Allowed: 6
Email: OKSolivagant@protonmail.com
Phone Number: 5127635461

Public discussion (3)

Colter D

3 months ago

A perfect spot for driveway surfing! Welcome to the community at Moochdocker. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Tamara D

1 month ago

Why would someone pay you $25 to sit in your driveway and be out at 7am?

There are plenty of Walmart’s, Cracker Barrel’s, city streets and neighborhoods to stealth for $0 without time restrictions.

I’ve been doing it every night for 5 months.

Someone asked me to host on this site because I’m a Boondoockers Welcome host snd I said no thank you. Not interested in making money off people in my RV community.

I’m guessing you are not an RVer or you wouldn’t be trying to profit off the people in your community!

Colter D

1 month ago

Our hosts love RVers so much, and we support the community so strongly we are all working together as a team to improve the "no-vacancy" problem of this Booming and Robust RV industry.

So I would argue the better question is "Why would you troll some nice stranger you've never met, hiding behind a nameless fake picture?" Especially when this stranger is trying to support your fellow RVers!? That's not very nice.

Thank you for the comment though, we are excited to leave this up for all of the world to see how low-quality the free-model is that you mentioned. By attacking our salt-of-the-earth hosts Steve & Kim, you have done an excellent job of making our point for us.

Nobody likes entitled freeloaders.

Charging a small fee filters out riff-raff, think Costco vs Dollar General.

Charging a fee is good for the RVer because it brings more supply to the market that is safe, transparent, reliable, and insured unlike your Cracker Barrel parking lot.

Competition is good for the consumer, the RVer. Everyone wins.

Is there a location in particular that you would be interested in Tamara? We would gladly comp your stay if you ever need a safe alternative to trashy Walmart parking lots. Give us a try, we're here to help :)

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